In the Hawaiian language and culture, ONO means "delicious" and suggests an outcome we can all relate to. The promise of it attracts us and the experience of it brings us back for more. In marketing, that's the human emotion we want to spark so we thought it only fitting to borrow this memorable name. Something else borrowed from the Polynesian culture is the importance of,  "Talking Story", as Hawaiians express it, or passing along wisdom through the ages with stories that capture the heart and stimulate the mind. As powerful as this is, crafting delicious stories is only a fraction of the on-demand services we provide. Marketing research and planning support both help to confirm there will be a demand for our client's products and services.

ONO Marketing & Communications, LLC exists to provide consulting and contract marketing support for organizations, large and small. ONO clientele typically require assistance in market research, planning and the development of compelling promotional collateral. 


Initial consultations are always conducted fee-free to adequately determine client needs, demonstrate ONO capabilities, and develop the most efficient and effective project approach.

  • Services are frequently provided on an "a la carte" basis, however, some services (such as strategic planning) will involve pre requisite research and/or data access to adequately inform the planning process. Many services (such as website development, annual report publication and distance learning production) will involve close collaboration with the organization's subject matter experts.

  • Support projects are typically proposed on a defined scope, lump-sum basis. Projects where scope cannot be reasonably defined at the outset can be accomplished on a hourly rate basis, with estimates provided, until a defined scope can be established. This arrangement is designed to help keep projects within agreed budgets and schedules.