July 18, 2022

Gift cards are frequently given to employees for their birthdays, festivals, or holiday celebrations and at professional milestones.

When it comes to gifting workers, there are several alternatives available, and because each individual has different hobbies, likes, and preferences, the gifting process may be complex.

While selecting the bulk gift card, businesses must also consider their assigned budgets and corporate identity – bulk gift cards are one economising method.

Why Should Organisations Use Gift Cards?

Gifts are given to express gratitude on special occasions and festivals. Here are three concrete ways that gift-giving may help firms boost employee connections.

  1. Express Your Appreciation to Your Employees
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Gratitude shows compassion and positively influences both the recipient and the giver. Giving gift cards to staff on special events is a great way to show your appreciation.

  1. Improve the Employee Experience

Gifts indicate that you care about others and want to bring joy to them. Providing employees with gift cards improves their experience at work.

  1. Acknowledge and Reward Your Employees

You can also use gift cards as rewards. Giving employees a gift card when they achieve or exceed their goals is a great way to motivate them.

Purchasing and Distributing Gift Cards in Bulk

Companies utilise gift cards to motivate both staff and customers. Employees that meet their monthly objectives or deliver excellent customer service will appreciate gift cards. Customers can use gift cards to encourage them to submit a review online or to buy a new product.

  • Gift cards for employees
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Providing a gift card is a thoughtful gesture for those who meet performance targets or earn an award at a company-wide event. Employees may use digital gift cards to purchase rewards for a more personalised incentive.

  • Gift cards for consumers

Gift cards may be practical marketing tools for your company in client acquisition, retention, and loyalty. Gift cards may encourage potential new consumers to buy your items or urge existing customers to participate in user research surveys. Some businesses utilise gift cards as part of their customer appreciation program to strengthen company reputations and improve customer relationships. Gift cards are an excellent alternative to cash rewards or cashback schemes since they give recipients a genuine incentive that they can redeem at their preferred retailer.

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Physical gift cards versus digital cards

To save time and money, most multinational organisations choose a digital distribution. On the other hand, physical gift card purchases might be more time-consuming for large businesses since they take more time and resources to provide employees with the same incentive as an eGift card.

Purchasing physical gift cards in bulk from a store

Most large retailers provide physical gift cards. However, they often offer discounted gift cards for big purchases. Of course, your organisation is also responsible for additional expenses such as packing, printing, and shipping to get them sent, with additional charges for international recipients.

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The Bottom Line

Bulk gifting necessitates much planning. You must comprehend the occasion, select a present, select a vendor, collect samples, enter employee shipping data, make an order, and track shipments once they have been shipped. Although offering economies of scale, the bulk gift card is also a lot of labour and may not elicit the same level of passion and emotions in all your employees.

Integrating virtual credit cards into your bulk giving program minimises stress, allows you to manage your budget more effectively, and gives workers control over their gifting experience.



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