cnca needed several focused messaging pieces for state legislative visits

in a nutshell simple guides are used to INTRODUCE solutions to technical ans non-technical audiences.

When the California Nevada Cement Association (CNCA) wanted to improve the clarity, impact and professionalism of their communications, ONO delivered a tailored plan and now supports the association, as needed, with messaging tools to help fulfill plan objectives.

BRANDING BUILT ON EXPERIENCE AND CONTINUITY. CNCA’s challenge is to influence both public agencies and private developers with examples of how their outcomes can be improved through the use of cement-based solutions. CNCA’s engineering professionals specialize in these areas and compete daily with alternative materials and approaches. The strength of their argument is now bolstered by a uniform collection of branded materials highlighting compelling case examples.

LISTENING FIRST. Early-on, a listening session with the CNCA team produced a set of goals and an understanding of the environment in with these goals must be met. We then began by constructing a Brand Development Plan and Visual Communication Guidelines as a basis for future communications.

FLEXIBLE TEMPLATES. Because many of these opportunities are unique, support materials must be flexible. To accomplish this, core communications materials are designed to be quickly and easily modified and assembled in the field as conditions demand.

RESULTS! CNCA now benefits from a cohesive and professional brand identity as well as a comprehensive library of communications tools for its regional engineers. All of this measurably contributes its field promotion and governmental relations success.