This reinforcing steel industry infographic has been used very effectively to quickly define a complex industry to media, legislators and political staff.


this essentials guide, Published online and in print, is a popular desk reference resource for students and professionals.

The Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute (CRSI), a nearly century-old trade association, needed to grow its influence beyond the reach of a very limiting traditional marketing and communications approach. Changing trends and emerging technologies enabled the institute to take advantage of several new channels of distribution for its industry leading technical content.

INFLUENCE MULTIPLIER. The field promotion professionals of the Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute have only so much opportunity to reach a large audience. That audience also has limited time to listen. The institute clearly needed to extend its messaging reach into inbound space where target audiences would intuitively look for it. Interactive online tools, web-based learning for mobile devices and broadcast webinars now position the institute's messaging in the mainstream - greatly expanding engagement, and ultimately, influence. 

TACTICAL CHANGES. Expanded reach was largely accomplished through a comprehensive digital presence strategy, new inbound and outbound communications assets. These strategies drove the development of website improvements, interactive tools, technical webinars, e-learning content, and social media engagement.

MOBILE FIRST. Today's professionals demand adaptive and personalized information resources available on their schedule. Communicating the benefits and complexities of steel reinforced concrete to a diverse audience often requires a very quick and entertaining read. And, of course, anywhere, anytime access. Digital communications have made this, not only possible but economical.

RESULTS! The institute now enjoys much higher organic traffic and engagement with its new e-learning platform, generating many times greater ROI than was possible with traditional methods. Publication sales (non-dues revenue) benefits handsomely as well.