July 14, 2022

Proforma Invoice template is a possibility to save time on billing. There are programs that are used to automate the document flow. Appropriate text is entered into the empty cells. It can be supplemented with pictures or videos of the product. An advantage for small businesses is working on “hot” contacts. The main point is to notify customers of all the details.

How a document is created based on a Proforma Invoice template

If the proforma is built thanks to sample, filling out the form can be called standard. Actual information is entered into the empty cells after downloading to the computer. A business representative needs to go through 10 steps.

  1. Write the name, company name and contacts.
  2. Add a corporate logo.
  3. Enter information about the buyer.
  4. Use the account number and the date of registration.
  5. List products/services you are selling.
  6. Indicate the price of each of them.
  7. Calculate and write the total cost.
  8. Add payment terms.
  9. Remind that the proforma does not equate to a commitment.
  10. Send to the potential client.
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The file can be sent by email so that the recipient can read the text in 1-2 minutes. Another advantage of modern technology is remote acceptance. For example, when sending the final document (invoice). You can use email to automate the document flow.

Proforma Invoice template for small businesses  

The owners of small businesses find it easier to use proformas because they are familiar with the needs of their customers. The latter are also involved in discussing terms and price. The seller of the product or service is left to work out the small details. These include:

  • the list of products;
  • the completion of production;
  • the final cost.
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The customer understands exactly what he will receive after the money transfer. Pro forma drafting is an opportunity to keep potential buyers in the loop. The businessman sees that he has set the price correctly. It is not overstated or understated. The buyer gets time to review his financial situation and prepare for the actual payment. The customer can make an advance payment without fear of fraud. The invoice is often issued later (already for the accounting department).

The document describes the range of products (services). The businessman gets five other opportunities.

  1. Determine the cost of products for the customs.
  2. Notify customers of the final price.
  3. Communicate suitable payment methods.
  4. Make a decision on a payment date.
  5. Notify clients of shipping details.
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The proforma can be used when supplying products to regular customers. Detailed information is used in the document. The buyer needs it to transfer the payment. Before the transaction is closed, it is necessary to send an invoice, which will be needed for accounting purposes

Is it possible to use the Pandadoc program for signature

Yes, you can freely use this program to put an electronic signature. An electronic signature applied using the Pandadoc service is perfectly legal. The company is headquartered in the United States, on the territory of the state of California. In addition to the possibility to review documents remotely, the service has other useful advantages such as:

  • creation of commercial proposals;
  • indefinite storage of files;
  • granting access to competent employees.
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The product is also integrated with popular CRM-systems. It makes it easier to automate the document management. Business representatives can use analytical tools. These include the exact time of file opening, commenting and signing. The product is also compatible with Google services.


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