ABOVE - The presentation of Frank Lincoln Interiors was purposely freehand, expressing Frank's CREATIVE design and upscale qualities.


Frank J. Lincoln Interiors has created for some of the most exclusive clientele in the world and his work reflects their high expectations. As we developed his brand in presentation and sales collateral Frank's personality needed to take center stage.

DISCOVERING THE DIFFERENCE. Commonplace promotions for interiors are everywhere and typically focused on a smattering of traditional patterns, colors and styles. It's quite easy to get lost in this din and Frank Lincoln wanted and needed no part in that. We sought to get to know Frank just as he gets to know his clientele. What is unique about his approach and how would we communicate that?

SIGNATURE DESIGN. It begins with understanding, appreciation and sketches as solutions begin to gradually reveal themselves. There is no cookie-cutter in this process and no garden-variety result. The product of Frank's work is impressive attention to detail - in stark contrast to the line sketches where the process begins. There is nothing more impressive than seeing a seasoned designer sketching ideas in real time as an understanding comes together in discussion. It's powerful. Communicating this process was the tool we needed to present Frank Lincoln Interiors as they deserved to be presented. 

RESULTS! Unique marketing collateral provided Frank Lincoln Interiors with an effective way to reach a much larger geographic audience with engaging stories that highlighted Frank’s inspiring approach and exceptional results.