April 11, 2022

Students have a common goal regarding learning and that is to learn and attain knowledge so as to get a good position in a reputed organization. For this they work hard and make so many efforts to attain knowledge to gain that eligibility. Students learn a lot of good things, manners and etiquettes in order to be a good person and benefit the society and nation. Teachers also contribute to this good cause as much as they can. Still few things are left behind by them in this hectic schedule of school syllabus and curriculum. All parents want their children to learn good things which can make the child gain recognition in the society and one of the most important attributes among them is respect. Respect is not like something you asked to someone and you will get it in ample amount instead it is earned. It is earned by good deeds to others, by helping people in need, by guiding them to the correct path where people can achieve their goals, by behaving politely and most importantly by paying respect to others. Through online learning students can surely learn about LMS advantages and terms like institute ERP full form because students need LMS advantages for their proper online learning and terms like ERP full form enhance their knowledge regarding modern learning techniques but respect is something which cannot be achieved from books. It can be earned by practicing it.

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When students learn in colleges and prepare for a professional life they need to remember the most important lesson that when they will sit in chair of leadership in their professional life then they won’t receive respect just because they will be authority instead, hey will have to earn respect by performing all their duties properly and behaving with their colleagues and juniors with respect. For this, their training should start from their school. Tutors and trainers need to train more than just sentences to get them selected in their interviews and sustain in their professional life such as:

  • Students should practice politeness in their school and college time so that they have it as a habit to meet people with politeness and greet them with a smile. Don’t discriminate your greetings according to position and class of people. Greet and meet with politeness, from peon to seniors, treat everyone equally. Never let any trouble overlap your smile because other people are not responsible for your trouble to keep your tension away from your social relations. Pay the same respect you want from others. Do say please while asking something and thank you after you receive any help and sometimes you can open the door for anyone smilingly, these small things bring smiles on someone’s face and you receive his/her respect.
  • Never ignore and disrespect anyone when he or she is talking to you. Pay full attention to them and give proper response also while communicating. Never look somewhere else during conversations, this is very disrespectful too so always have eye contact which can make another person notice otherwise it will seem like you are just bearing him/her somehow. Listen to another person with calmness because everyone deserves to be heard respectfully and respond to him/her accordingly. This is called mutual exchange of respect.
  • Active listening is the most important part of communication. So, students need to understand that they will have to listen to other people with patience by holding their own opinion. People always do one wrong thing that being excited with other person conversation they start their own story telling by interrupting other person, don’t do that, have patience and listen to him/her carefully so that he/she can share his/her whole story and maybe then you can learn something new and good or can be more helpful to him/her and earn respect in his eyes.
  • Easiest way to earn respect is to be helpful to others and be ready to help and be useful to needy people. You must find the opportunities to help people at any cost. don’t see his or her class, age, gender or colour. Be a help to others without any discrimination. Don’t wait for anyone to ask, be a help without being asked and never make excuses when someone asks help to you. If genuinely you are unable to help him or her then honestly tell him/her the reason and apologize too. This will give respect in other’s eyes.
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