June 29, 2022

When presenting an award for a special achievement, you can do more than acknowledge a person’s success. By incorporating your theme, the award will continually remind the recipient of your praise and bestowal of this recognition. There are several ways of honoring employees with an award, including motivation, professional development, and commemorating major accomplishments. Here are ways to utilize your company’s theme in employee awards.

Customize Individual Awards

Instead of handing out the same award to everyone being recognized, give each emblem of recognition consideration for the specific employee who will receive it. People love to get awards that are dedicated to their unique skills and achievements. Seeing their name or relevant date along with the purpose inscribed on their custom awards can make any employee feel special and valued. Since your organization is giving the award, the plaque, certificate, or trophy should state the recipient’s relationship to the organization as well as the reason for bestowing it.

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An award title that recognizes the recipient’s status within the company, for example, as having perfect attendance for ten consecutive years, designates a particular landmark that has been reached, which is possibly uncommon or, in some cases, unprecedented. Including the employee’s nickname, favorite colors, or inside joke reference can make the award even more memorable. Since achievers tend to be given several awards in their careers, make each one stand out as distinctive and relevant to that person’s life and impact on the organization and colleagues. In doing so, you are embedding pleasant memories of the employee’s progress with your company that contribute to a life-long legacy of service and success.

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Design the Award With Company Elements

Your inclusion of the organization’s theme in the award does not have to be blatant. It can be more subtle with hints, reminders, or impressions of the company’s role in the recipient’s success. Dates of service are a popular way to acknowledge someone’s long-time association with the organization.

Using the organization’s colors or brand image as an accent point rather than as a dominant theme is another way to connect the giver with the receiver. An administrator’s name or initials that are inscribed on the award enables the organization to officially endorse the presentation in a permanent way without being ostentatious. You can add the company logo or motto at the bottom of the award phrasing for a simplistic yet memorable effect. A small image or key phrase underscores the company’s acclamation of an employee’s noteworthy event.

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Link the Award to Company Performance

Successful employees like to know that their hard work has contributed to the organization’s success. Receiving an award that praises the recipient’s contribution to the company’s progress is a major milestone for dedicated employees. For occasions like these, include the name of the project, initiative, or endeavor in which the person played a role that the award recognizes. The person’s titles and dates of service in a specific department are cause for celebration both by the company and the employee.

You can have an image of the achievement included in the award as a memento of the recipient’s contribution to the overall success of the initiative. A brief statement of gratitude like “thank you” or “Well done” often means a lot to someone who worked hard to help make it happen. Tokens of this type leave a positive impression of the company in an employee’s mind that might be shared with family members and friends. Those individuals, in turn, may repeat the good news of the award with others who may then become customers of the company due to its recognition of employee effort.

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There are many reasons to celebrate your team member’s contributions to the organization. From personal birthdays to job anniversaries, an award can make the day even more memorable and enjoyable. Create an award that will remind the recipient of its source whenever it is looked at. Connect your organization to the award to enhance the meaningfulness of the occasion and leave a good impression on your team members and others who witness the event. Design the award for a lasting impact by linking it to your organization.



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