July 18, 2022

H1: Which features do you need to edit PDFs?


Over the last 2 decades that PDFs have been around, they have evolved from being static documents to living ones which can be easily edited and collaborated on. Long gone are the days of downloading a PDF, converting it to Word, editing it, downloading it again and sharing it with your colleagues – only for them to have to repeat the process all over again.

With Lumin, you can easily edit, annotate, collaborate on, and share your PDF documents with your teammates, making group projects easier to work on. There are many PDF editors out there on the market, ranging in price and available features. What you choose is up to you but in our professional experience, here are the top features we suggest you look for when choosing your PDF editor:

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  1. eSignatures
    eSignatures are one of the most common uses for PDFs these days. Signing your documents online is just as valid and legally pounding as it is with wet ink. It is, however, a lot more convenient. To sign documents by hand, you have to print them off, sign them, scan them, and send them off. With Lumin, you just upload your documents and place your signature wherever it’s needed. If you work in an industry where you sign a lot of paperwork, consider doing it online to save yourself time, effort, and paper!


  1. Optical Character Recognition
    OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is a sophisticated tool that allows users to convert paper documents and photos into editable PDF files.In other words, you’re able to lift text from static images and edit it. The main advantage of OCR is the amount of time you save. Instead of creating an entire document to have a digital and editable copy on your computer, simply scan it and use the OCR tool.
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  1. Annotation tools

Annotation tools such as editing, leaving notes, highlighting, and adding shapes are what make Lumin so easy to use. These basic editing tools give you everything you need in order to leave feedback, ask questions, and tag specific teammates. You can effortlessly annotate your documents and collaborate with your colleagues to create the perfect deliverable.


  1. Drawing tools

Lumin allows you to get creative – draw freehand images, leave “written” comments, and mark your document in any way you please! After all, a picture is worth a thousand words!

  1. Ability to leave comments

The easiest way to raise questions and resolve issues is by directly commenting on the document. Lumin removes the hassle of emailing back and forth, and long phone calls. Just tag your colleague and get to work!

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  1. Cross-platform use
    Working from personal devices like laptops and smartphones means you can essentially work from anywhere. To browse, review, and annotate documents from anywhere, you’ll need a PDF editor that works on your phone or tablet.


When a PDF Editor has a dedicated mobile app, you can be confident that your mobile needs will be met and that you will be able to work on the go. To download the Lumin app on the App Store, click here. For the Play Store, click here.


  1. User-friendly experience
    Finally, working with a PDF should be an easy and pleasant experience. Lumin’s interface is bright and easy to use. From the website to the mobile app, it has been designed to make your experience simple and hassle-free!
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H2: Opportunities you can discover with PDF tools

Lumin is built to suit everybody – whether you’re a student or a working professional, Lumin has useful tools that you can use to take your work to the next level.

PDFs have come a long way – from being static documents to now having multiple uses that millions of people all over the world use every day. Lumin for example is used by 60 million people all over the globe. Considering how many PDF editors there are on the market, the total number of global PDF users is likely to be in the billions.

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H2: 5 Best PDF editor tools


As we mentioned above, there are a lot of PDF editors out there on the market. Some are paid, and some are free. What you select is up to you, but here are the top 5 we consider to be the best ones on the market:


  1. Lumin
    We’re proud of what we’ve created, so we had to mention it!Lumin brings life to your documents with simple document editing and markup features that make it easy to annotate documents and photos. Lumin includes a comprehensive range of functions to meet all of your requirements, including:
  • Annotation tools
  • Electronic signatures
  • Optical Character Recognition
  • Unlocking tools
  • Page manipulation tools
  • Google Classroom integration
  • Cross-platform useAnd so much more!
  1. Adobe
    As the creators of PDFs, Adobe really knows what they’re doing. Adobe is very easy to use and their free version offers all of the basic tools, but if you need to create more complex documents, you will have to get the paid version, which is quite pricey.
  2. Slim PDF
    Slim PDF is a PDF viewer that lets you open and view PDF files while also making comments and annotations. This application can also be used to fill out pre-made forms and validate eSignatures. It includes a comprehensive set of powerful annotation tools.
  3. Wondershare PDFElement
    This PDF editor has a variety of features and is a much cheaper alternative to Adobe. The biggest disadvantage, however, is that the basic pack only allows access to one device.
  4. PDF Xchange
    PDF XChange Editor is a free PDF reader with buttons, toolbars, and side panels that allow you to easily edit PDF files. It’s one of the fastest PDF readers, and you can disable unnecessary features for a more comfortable viewing experience.
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